If Black Friday Hype Annoys You, Then Don’t Shop!

As if we didn’t have to listen to enough bickering from our elected officials and from the background noise of our wives favorite “reality” tv shows (this only applies to married guys), this week marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. However, retailers have been in dress rehearsal for Black Friday and this whole week since around Labor Day. I don’t like shopping and I especially don’t like shopping with chaos, crowds, lines, and over stressed people. And to make matters worse this year, we have the retailers on one side pushing non-stop retail ads like a meth cook with a bathtub full of Sudafed to get rid of. And on the other side, we have people whining and crying about how out of hand it is that so many big box retailers are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving. This is in response to Kohls, Macys, Target, and Best Buy announcing that they will open at midnight on Thanksgiving. Some people have named this concept of stores opening at midnight on Thanksgiving, Black Thursday.

Well, I have only one thing to say about the whole situation. If you don’t like the way a store advertises, or the policies they set, THEN DON’T SHOP THERE. Don’t take your Grandmas pumpkin pie to-go at 6PM so you can be first in line to go holiday shopping at Kohls and be first in line to buy luggage that is discounted an extra 20%. Money is tight for a lot of people, but people are valuable too. You are valuable. And your time, your happiness, your peace, your health, your sanity and your self worth is valuable. Probably more valuable than the money you will save.

If nobody lines up at the doors at midnight, and the stores are empty…guess what, next year this won’t happen again. But, the basic law of supply and demand mandates that if stores experience a rush of shoppers at midnight, next year they will open earlier and more of them will join the pattern.