The End of an Era

Think back to January 9, 2009. We were all trying to figure out what this new economic downturn was going to look and feel like, Barack Obama was about to be sworn into office for the first time, and the majority of the western world wouldn’t know the name Capt. Sully Sullenberger for 6 more days. I was sitting in my car outside a non-descript doctors office on Medlock Bridge Rd in Duluth, Georgia replaying the past ten minutes when Dr. Gupta had told me, “You have Lymphoma,” and “You will definitely need chemotherapy,”

Why Would You Go To Hawaii?

I recently spent 6 days in Hawaii. It was a free trip that I almost didn’t go on because I couldn’t think of enough good reasons to fly all the way to Hawaii. I have changed my tune and my opinion of Hawaii because of some incredible experiences on both Maui and Honolulu.

Cancer Is Like Riding A Bike

Have you ever ridden a bike 7 miles? Ever done that in the cold, uphill the whole time,while hungry and exhausted from riding 70 miles just before the uphill. Seeing friends give up and get off their bike because it’s to hard. That is what cancer feels like.

Please read this story about some very brave and selfless friends of mine whose months of training and preparation will be put to the test in a few short weeks.

So, Do You Come Here Often?…

If you do come here often, then I suggest you seek additional forms of entertainment. ¬†For anyone who had become used to my frequent but irregular blogging back during the Cancer days, you might think that my blog stopped working, or that I forgot how to type, or maybe even that I had died and […]

Innocent Littleness…please stay a little longer

My son is starting pre-k and I am having mixed feelings about the transition. A recent experience showed that while not even 5 years old yet, he is already starting the transformation from living in his own wonderful imaginative little world, to living in the big world where peer pressure and influence really does make a difference.

Boardwalk sign at Ocean City Maryland at dusk