Photo’s of My Stem Cell Transplant Adventure at Emory

I have always had good intentions of putting more photos into my posts, but once a post is written, I never seem to think my photos are quite relevant to the writing, so I leave them out. So, here is a post dedicated only to the photo’s I took this past summer illustrating my adventure with chemo and cancer.

My port is on my right side. That is the one I have had since the beginning. And the newly installed tri-fusion catheter is under my left shoulder. This was used during the transplant period for infusing meds, chemo, stem cells, and drawing blood

Typical hospital breakfast. In fact, this is the standard hospital breakfast. If you forget to fill out your daily meal request paper, then this is what they send at 7 AM. I usually requested pancakes instead of this prize.

On the radiation table. The nurse took this photo for me before I was in position. The table I am on would raise me up and slide me back under that giant microscope looking thing to get blasted with radiation

This is the entrance to the Emory Winship Cancer Center. The Bone Marrow Transplant department is on the first floor, next to the labs. My usual routine is through the doors and go to the right to have blood drawn, then go to the left side of the building to have my doctor analyze the blood test. Chemo is also given on the first floor, but my transplant was done in another building

The Decatur Rd. entrance to Emory University campus. This is the pretty side of the campus. Like most college campuses, that means the older section. There are lots of walking paths here with gardens and a little creek. The other side of campus connects to the sprawling CDC compound

This was a visit to the lab right before VTEPA chemo in July. If you remember, that was the hardest chemo (even harder than the transplant), and they had to run me through lots of tests to make sure i was healthy enough to survive if they gave me all those toxins. This nurse drew 13 vials of blood in one sitting!

This was my mangy dog look when all the hair started really coming out in bunches. I went for a final mountain bike ride earlier in the day this picture was taken and the padding in my helmet rubbed a lot of hair off the sides of my head

A closer look at the mask and my alignment marks. The mask holds my chin up and out of the way of the beam. And the alignment marks are aligned with fixed laser beams in the room that ensure I am positioned the same way every day

My makeshift office in the hospital room. That is a bag of chemo hanging on the pole and being dripped through the tube into my chest catheter. This was one of the first few days of the transplant process before the drugs really started to hit me

Some good friends of our organized a Walk in the park with Dan event to celebrate Livestrong Day on October 2. Dominic led the walk in his police car.

Angela and I during the Walk in the park with Dan event one month after the transplant

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  1. Kudos to Facebook on this initiative. I read eheweslre today that at least 18 people die each day waiting for transplants that can’t take place due to the shortage of donated organs.People will rag on Facebook of course, since that’s what we do now when they make any move whatsoever. Still, I think this is a positive step for them.CheersJason BoiesRadian6 Community

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