Bone Marrow Transplant – Day 3 and 4

Saturday and Sunday in the hospital.  Not my first choice on how to spend the weekend, but at this point in time, I am happy to be here.  It is 9PM on Sunday night and the nurse should be here with my chemo any minute.  There have not been any surprises since the last time I wrote.  The highlight of the weekend was when Angela and Dominic came to visit yesterday.  I was able to get off my fluid drip for a little while and they took me to a frozen yogurt place in Emory Village.  I am not normally a yogurt fan (regular or frozen) but this stuff was pretty good and especially satisfying to my increasingly picky palate.  Today I could not eat any food.  I had a few little nibbles of the slice of baked ham that was sent up for dinner, but my real dinner consisted of a strawberry banana smoothie that my parents brought for me from the outside.

All is good for now and Monday will be my last day of getting lots of chemo.  I get two bags in the morning and two more in the evening.  Tuesday will just be one quick shot of some really potent stuff, and then I get my stem cells on Wednesday!  September 1 will become my new birthday!

4 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Transplant – Day 3 and 4

  1. Karen says:

    Let me be the first to wish you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrations just around the bend…WOO HOO! Love you tons and it was great to talk with you last night. Hugs and Kisses…

  2. Chris Slezak says:

    Now we have the same second Birthdays, 1 Year apart Dan!! Tell Barb and Mondo to send my gift to Ralph’s house!!!!

  3. Steve Singer says:


    Just finally figured out how to get connected with you- thanks to Stacy and Scott. I stopped by their house last week to get an update ( I did not want to bother Angela). Stacy sent me the communication link. ( I am a little slow on the I.T. scene; still have not mastered facebook, twitter, etc., etc. ) Anyway, I just wanted to write to check in with you , wish you well and to remind you about our boys night out dinner with you. No excuses ; no options. Rob, Scott myself and whoever else wants to celebrate your “new birthday” will all be looking forward to the celebration. I was thinking about Wednesday or Thursday of this week to visit you around lunch time . Let me know if this works for you- if not then maybe next week. All the best, Dan. Steve Singer

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