I’m Going Home!!!

Sunday morning I woke up when the Physician Assistant came into my room just a little past 7AM. I was still sleepy when she asked, “Do you want to know your counts?” Sure, I said. “Your white blood cell count is over 5,000.” That statement instantly wiped all the sleepiness from my brain and body and I sat right up in bed and stared at her with disbelief. But she kept right on going, “If Dr. Langston is okay with it, would you be interested in going home today?”

The next two hours I paced the room and the hall feeling like an over anxious dog who has just been told he’s going for a car ride, but nobody has let him out of the house yet. We had to wait for Dr. Langston to arrive. When she did, she confirmed the plan with a few simple instructions. Unlike the original plan, I am going to keep my trifusion catheter hanging out of my chest for now. She wants me to keep it just a few more days, but I will probably get it removed on Wednesday. That’s a very small price to pay for going home a full day earlier than when I have been hoping I might go.

I have packed my bag, gathered all my supplies and I think I am ready. Angela and Dominic are on their way here right now to get me. This is so exciting it does not even seem real. 16 nights in the hospital, 6 days of chemotherapy, countless hours of being hooked to various IV drips and in one hour, it will all be a memory. My bone marrow transplant is complete!

15 thoughts on “I’m Going Home!!!

  1. Laura Gearhart says:

    WOO HOO!!! YAY DAN! We couldn’t be any happier for you! What fantastic news! I loved your description of the anxious dog waiting for the car ride. I can just imagine the anticipation you must have felt waiting for the Doc to come see you and confirm. Oh happy day!!! Big hugs for you!!! It’s a relief for all of us too knowing you’re moving along the recovery path swiftly! We want nothing more for you then to get well quickly! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful news so early in the day so we can all celebrate with you! Love you Dan! -Laura & Ray

  2. Beth Ann Hustis says:

    WOW! That is truly AWESOME! You are in my thoughts and prayers…..I wish you continued sucess at beating this thing!

    Beth Ann Hustis

  3. Joe Paybarah says:

    Nice work sir, glad to hear that you are free!!!!!!!!! Ay, who’s betta’ than you? Nobodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Karen says:

    Just left yesterday and I’ll miss ya ’til I see ya!!! I am so happy you are where you need to be and trust that you know what to do. We promise to make that trip when your up at at ’em so you can strut your stuff and swing us around Alpharetta. Be good and take special care Love you tons! Aunt Karen (and him too) Laura knows what that means (hee)

    • Hey Shawn,
      Sorry it took me so long to approve this and get your comment posted. I’ve been a little off the grid this week. Thanks for your advice about staying diligent with the mouthwash. I kept at it several times each day, and they have a few new tricks. A drug called Kepivance that creates a thick slimy coating in the mouth, but does pretty good at preventing mouth sores. And chewing ice during the administration of the worst of the five chemo drugs. The theory is that the ice causes blood vessels in the mouth to shrink up and not allow the chemo to pass through and do it’s dirty work. See you at YACS soon. I might make the September meeting.

  5. Kevin Priger says:

    Just pulled up your site and saw the great news. You are a white cell FACTORY!

    Prayer is answered!

    Awesome news, Dan, Angela, and Dominic!


  6. hi Dan!
    so happy for you…I know that feeling and I am glad to hear you’re doing well!

    p.s. I met you @ the YACS dinner last month.

    take good care,

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