Thanks. To my body for not quitting on me last year…we’ve got a lot more life to live together.  To my little man, for making me laugh and even for sometimes making me grit my teeth. To the members of my extended family, Laura Gearhart, Ray Gearhart, Armando Gennari, Barb Gennari, Renita Wilkinson and Doris Macdonald for your love. To all the VenueQuest customers who have stuck by us and helped make 2011 a great year. To our VenueQuest team members Melanie Mottayaw Koenig, Karen Imperatore Kovac and Shenika Brown for your dedication and loyalty. To the members of the 2011 Georgia TNT Cycling Team for teaching me to ride on skinny tires and pulling me around Lake Tahoe. To my dozens of wonderful neighbors in Mayfair/St. Clair for making us feel like we are really part of a community and not just living in the burbs. To my distant friends spread from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between who inspire me and teach me new perspectives, new empathy and new skills all the time. We may not live near each other, but you remain high on my list of importance. And lastly, to Home Depot…like any good drug dealer, you are always there to enable our unbreakable addiction to home improvement. Now, let’s talk turkey!

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  1. Diana Arthur-Roe says:


    I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage IIB in July 2012. I underwent six months of ABVD chemo followed by six weeks of radiation. At the time of diagnoses, I had a mediastinal mass (in my chest) that was 14 cm.

    Today 10-10-12, I had my consultation visit at the University of California San Francisco Stem Cell Transplant Center because my Hodgkins relapsed within a year of completing treatment. I am scheduled to begin ICE chemo early next week for three cycles. If I respond to chemo after the second ICE cycle, I will begin having my stem cells collected.

    I greatly appreciated your blog which contains such detailed descriptions. Thank you for your writing. Please wish me luck in kicking the Hodge.



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