Well, What’s It Going To Be?

Yesterday, well after dark, we returned from an amazing getaway.  Dominic, Angela and I spent three days in the Florida Keys, preceded by 24 hours in Miami…which was only so-so.  Have you ever been to the Keys?  And I don’t mean staggering around Key West with a frozen drink until it’s time to get back on the cruise ship.  I still believe the best way to get there is to drive and watch the dark water slip away behind while embracing the zaniness and whimsy of whatever lies ahead.  I told Angela as we were leaving that there is almost no need to ever visit the Caribbean with this gem (or string of gems) lying just south of Miami.  Everything about it is gorgeous.

That was yesterday.  Today is a day of quick catching up and getting family and home life back in gear, and then tomorrow morning I report to Emory for a PET scan.  This will be scan number 2 since the transplant.  As most readers of this blog know, I did not get the results I was hoping for at my last scan in December.  After all the treatment and the transplant, the scan still showed evidence of live cancer brewing in my chest.   As always, I am hoping for the best.  And once again, I feel fantastic.  I had a little morning cough that dragged on for about two weeks making me a little nervous each morning when it would start up, but even that has subsided.  Right now, I don’t feel the hint of even one symptom.  I don’t itch anywhere, I am not coughing, I am breathing well, I sleep through the night.  Nothing to fear right.  Nothing but my mind at this point.  It still looms heavily over me that I have never returned a good PET scan.  Not once.  I’ve never used the R word in reference to my cancer.

I will get the results next Wednesday at 2:00 PM.  That seems like an awfully long time to wait.

6 thoughts on “Well, What’s It Going To Be?

  1. Judy and Steve Singer says:

    We are praying for you! We know you can beat this! Look at all the physical activity you have been doing on your bike! A sick man could never do what you’ve done! Keep the faith!!

  2. Carla Camp says:

    Prayers you will get a clean PET scan. Always remember, God is “large and in charge” so continue to look UP……….

    Hello to the family.

  3. Heather Scheidegg says:

    My prayers are with you! Remember God has a plan for everyone even if we don’t always understand what that plan is. Hang in there and continue to have faith.

  4. Jacinta says:

    All the best Dan. Will be thinking of you and hoping for a wonderful, clean scan… this is a difficult time. Let us all know how you go.

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