Century Ride in Lake Tahoe

It’s been a busy, busy time since I last wrote. And I will apologize in advance for the length of this entry, but if you have enjoyed my blog in the past, I encourage you to take the time to read this entry. May was a month of loss, and June opened with my bike ride around Lake Tahoe.

Well, What’s It Going To Be?

Yesterday, well after dark, we returned from an amazing getaway.  Dominic, Angela and I spent three days in the Florida Keys, preceded by 24 hours in Miami…which was only so-so.  Have you ever been to the Keys?  And I don’t mean staggering around Key West with a frozen drink until it’s time to get back […]

Jack Williamson

Update on Jack – SpaceCampforJack.com

I have received a few inquiries from those of you who were moved by Jack’s story last month, wanting to know what has happened since then.  Jack had a very busy month in March. Around the middle of the month, he and his mom completed one of the Dreams by jumping out of an airplane…with […]

Support Groups…Don’t Roll Your Eyes, Read This

I also used to roll my eyes and think “I don’t need to sit around and whine about my problems.” If you have ever had cancer you are hereby commanded to read this post. If you have any close friends or family members who are in treatment or who have beaten the Dirty Bastard, I summon you to read this and share it with that person. Is a summons’ing a person is not quite as definitive as commanding them, right?

And The Winner Is….

Many many updates and things to talk about. In this decade’s edition of www.dangennari.com

1. This is now officially an award winning blog…yaayyyy!!
2. Winners of the “Guess how much my cancer treatment cost” contest
3. Update on little Jack and his quest to go to SpaceCamp
4. My thoughts on Team in Training and my new sport of road cycling at Week #7

Updates and Raising Money for my buddy Jack

I am having a really unusual week, full of emotional ups and downs and I can’t even talk about it. But I wanted to send out a blog post because I have undertaken a new project to help raise some money for a little boy named Jack. I have recently made his acquaintance and offered to help his Mom raise money to get him to SpaceCamp this month. Read all about it in this blog post, and please consider making a small contribution to the effort. If we get a lot of people to give just a little, he will be on his way in just a few short weeks. Time is critical here.

What the…I’m Not Dead Ya’ll

I thought it was obvious, but apparently I need to clarify my status as alive because some members of the community are searching for my obituary. Also, I am announcing a game to guess how much cancer treatment cost for my hospital visits in 2010. Winners will receive a real prize!!

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Get Tickets

If you are planning to attend the screening of the ski and snowboard documentary, “The Story” please plan to purchase your tickets in advance sometime this week. We have to meet a minimum number of ticket sales a week before the film, so don’t plan to just show up that night and buy tickets. However, if you are not coming to the movie…