‘The Story’ Fundraiser on Feb 17

Dan Gennari will host the Georgia World Premier of The Story, a ski and snowboard film produced by The Ski Channel, to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on February 17, 2011 in Alpharetta, GA. The film will be screened at Studio Movie Grill in Alpharetta, GA. Gennari has committed to raising thousands of dollars for Leukema & Lymphoma Society through fundraising and his personal goal of riding a 100 mile bike loop around Lake Tahoe.

Hi 2011, My Name is Dan Gennari and I am Here to Whoop You.

I have realized that my last post about my PET scan results took a negative perspective and I want to set the record straight that I am not as upset about the results as it sounded in that post. I was angry at the time and more upset than the results warranted. I am fine now and I have a lot of positive things happening in my life. The PET scan is not guiding or directing my happiness. There is to much news to preview here, so just read the post.

Do I Have Cancer or Not?

Tomorrow morning I will get the results of my PET scan to find out if my stem cell transplant worked or not. If the transplant worked, I will finally enter the remission stage after 2 years of fighting cancer. If the bone marrow transplant did not work, then I will probably go back into treatment for more chemotherapy and radiation.

The Past 222 Days

I have come all the way around the circle of being treated and recovering from the chemical beatings, and now it is time to take stock of the situation. On Friday, I will be at Emory getting my first PET scan since the middle of the summer, and certainly the first since the transplant. It’s a big deal. No, it’s a HUGE DEAL.